Monday, June 21, 2010

Triathlon season 2010.2

Hello all!

So I have been a bit absent from the scene as of late. I'M BACK!

While I was gone...
Going into IMSG I was a bit injured forcing me to choose between sure further injury by running or a swim/bike and hopefully keeping my current state of injury. I chose the latter and used May & June to recuperate and get my booty kicked into shape in a few MT road races.
The first was a snowy, ski resort race called Marysville. It was rough. We drove through a snowstorm on the way there, climbed a few mountain passes, wore every article of clothing we packed, and survived to tell the story.
Next was the Cow Country Classic. This is a meaningful race for me as it was my very first road race. On this day, I made the little break of Amy Fryckman on the first climb, got ridden off her wheel, held onto the second little group of 4, missed the attack by Tamara, and limped my way in for a tie with Lisa Curry for a shared third. We tried to hold hands across the finish line to no avail.
My third and last road race of the 2010 season was the Whitefish Stage Race. It was a criterium, time trial, and ciruit race. I pulled an absolute triathlete move in the criterium by dinking around in the first lap, taking my time getting into my pedals & cornering slowly. Meanwhile, NRO girlies were not waiting around for those like me, sending attacks off the front. I didn't see anyone until the final 5 laps because I was WAY off the back, doing my own early time trial warm-up. I made up lots of time in the time trial by placing 2nd only to Mrs. Fryckman. The circuit race was uneventful and flat. I had a bit of time to make up on 3rd and 4th for a chance at the podium. In the last lap I made the break without the 2 girls ahead of me. Sadly, I fell 1 second short.

Now my road season is done and triathlon season 2010.2 is beginning. My first race of season 2 is Great White North in Canada where I will be racing for the first time on my shiny new Orbea Ordu!