Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Ride #1

The noon crew including Mr. Scott Lenaburg!

My motor pacer for the day!

I took 45 minutes to dress and get my cross bike ready. It really took me that long. I am sure I will have that routine down to 10. It's kind of like the first race of the year. You usually forget something. I can tell you that I will never forget to fill my water bottles in a race again. I managed out the door today and didn't forget a thing. Maybe I am growing up.

Jeffro & Elliot joined in the rare Missoula sunshine ride at noon for those who don't have "normal" jobs. All on cross bikes we rode out to Clinton. Elliot was my lovely motor for motor pacing my 90+% heart rate efforts. He was an awesome wheel and I got the job done! Here was my workout for the day:

4x3min bigger gear last :30 by feel
8min grind <~70rpm>
3x2min bigger gear last :30 by feel
5min 100+rpm
5x:45 steady @ ~90%max heart race w/:15
5min 100+rpm
2 times through the following: 4x2min ~90% max heart rate w/:15, 1x2min ez spin
15min long spin=105+rpm