Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tucson Training

Well I am not a snowbird this year but I did get to fly south for a quick week of training at The Cycling House. My week went something like this:

Wednesday: work in the morning in Missoula, fly south being picked up by the lovely Corbins in Phoenix, race CC eating In N Out burger (I win!), drive to Tucson

Thursday: Mt. Lemmon intervals opened up my week. They were 5x{5'@90-92%max heart rate (owee!) followed by a 2.5' grind} . After riding I did a mini transition trail run with Brendan.

Friday: Hill repeats at the golf course, 3 hour easy ride, 30 minute recovery swim.

Saturday: Brendan's 4.5 kiloyard set and a quick hard ride. It included lots of short 90-92% max heart rate intervals.

Sunday: Long trail run with Anya where I received a cactus spine to the foot that I still have. Easy 1k swim outside.

Monday: 4400yard swim set with the boys, Adam, Matt, & Bren. 4+ hours ride with those boys, hanging on for dear life at favorite kind of ride!

Tuesday: Crabby long intervals running. I should have had coffee before this one to boost my attitude. I came home, had coffee, and had a much better day. We rode Mt. Lemmon (easy) for Linsey Corbin's birthday. I was greeted at the top by samples of everyone's cookies.

Wednesday: Fly home to the winter wonderland (indoor training land) of Missoula, MT.

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