Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zoot, Zappos, & Vegas

I am one lucky lady. I have a really cool sponsor, Zoot Sports, who sent Brendan Halpin & me to Las Vegas for the day to do a video shoot with Zappos. It's so that customers can get a 3D video idea of what the apparel and shoes look like on a real body, giving a better understanding of the features of Zoot clothing. Here's Brendan modeling a running tank, tri shorts, & compression socks:

Zappos would be a really neat place to work. They treat their employees well and they are happy and productive because of it. Our videographer gave us a tour of the Zappos facility where we saw employees working, singing, dancing, doing puzzles, napping, & working. I was able to act princess for a few minutes in one of the conference rooms. Great double Z meaning!

We finished quickly and we were in Las Vegas so we hit the strip for a bit. We lounged by a pool, toured a few hotels, played the slots (a whole $3) and hit the Bellagio Cafe for some lunner. I must give a huge thanks to the Bellagio Lost & Found for mailing me my camera to MT. It was a fun-filled day with Brendan, Sonja (Zoot and much more rep), & the folks at Zappos.

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