Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oceanside 70.3

A race report!

Pre-race: I tried something new and got to the race early this year. I have always thought this would make me more nervous but it didn't! I was able to use the bathrooms (no line!), get my stuff set up before anyone near me, and even warm up a bit. Girls had no swim warm up so I brought my bands and did a little band work before we hit the water. One Gu a fancy new wetsuit and I was ready to hit the balmy (low 60s) water.

Swim: (28:19) I had a great start behind the lead chase and someone who was kicking REALLY hard. It made it easy to stay in the draft except I seemed to have a longer right arm than left. I swam left my entire swim. It was a problem when I lost the draft and again after the second turn buoy when I swam back towards the outbound lane. Luckily a volunteer got me soon enough and I was back on course without very much time lost. My new Zoot Prophet wetsuit is AMAZING and I felt strong my entire swim. This was the first time I have exited a particularly choppy swim without a gigantic wetsuit scab on my neck. Thank, Prophet!

Bike: (2:42:59) Yay for this! My ride was 10 minutes faster than last year and on almost solely indoor training. I was able to stay in little groups until we hit the hills. I was dropped on a big descent, though. Can you say chicken? I have been working hard on not being a sally in wind and hills and it's clear I need to keep working. I held my goal heart rate with very little flaw and still felt strong and fluid when I arrived back in town. Onto the

Run: (1:37:57) A new PR! You would think I would be happy with this (and I suppose I am) but I was expecting to run a bit faster. I suppose that's why I am racing with the big girls; I am not even completely pleased with a PR. I ran 4.5 minutes faster than last year and it seemed so much easier thanks in part to my cute new Speeds and a whole lotta consistent run training! Two girls passed me in the last 3 miles...I need to work on sticking with these girlies...or better yet, staying ahead of them.

At the end of the day I was 4:54:03. This is the 4th time (out of 9) that I have gone 4:54:xx in a half. Weird! I was happy with a solid first half, and more, first RACE of the year. Now I get to look forward to the Montana World Championships immediately followed by Wildflower!!!

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